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Hi! Welcome to Taart voor jou!

My name is Vibeke Cohen and I live in Amstelveen. I have a husband, two children and a dog. I am originally from Norway, a country with a rich tradition in baking and cakes which I was lucky to grow up with. After having lived and studied in Israel for six years, we moved to the Netherlands. What was supposed to be a temporary stay, is not temporary anymore…

For as long as I can remember, I have loved to bake. Besides baking, also photography and writing have always been hobby’s of mine and all product photos on this website have been shot by me.

Even if I have lived longer outside than in Norway, I have lots of precious memories of my childhood and youth in Snarøya, a small place outside Oslo. I have written a number of stories about my youth there and I am planning on publishing them one day. When I’m done baking that is, but that will take a while…

Happy customers

The start of Taart voor jou

The house I grew up in outside Oslo in Norway, had a large live-in kitchen. My mother always cooked and baked a lot; actually she still does, and from a young age I loved to spend time with her in the kitchen. I watched, smelled, tasted and helped and I loved it. That’s where my passion for baking began.

Through compulsary cooking lessons at the elementary school, I learned to work independantly in the kitchen from a young age. I must have been about 12 years old when I baked a cake for each of my family members for the holidays. The enthousiastic reactions were perhaps the start of my cake adventure and in the years that followed, I baked a lot. I always brought a cake with me when I went to visit someone.

Fast forward to my student years in Israel and I was meeting my parents in law for the first time. Of course I had baked a cake, I believe it was the Norwegian bløtekake. My father in law finished his piece of cake in silence, looked at my boyfriend and said calmly: ‘she may stay’.

8 years ago I started Taart voor jou, small and careful, step by step. By now, Taart voor jou has become more than a full time job and I regularly have assistants coming in to help processing all the assignements and orders on time. In September 2020, I had an amazing new kitchen built, attached to our house. My own cake studio, complete with all the space and facilities I could wish for! Half a year later, I had this amazing new website built by the ladies from Sure Connection, with the gorgeous fotos by Storytime Media.

I am so proud and happy with what Taart voor jou has become; THE place to order your cakes and sweets for any occasion! Thanks to you, my amazing customers, Taart voor jou has become a succes and I am more than grateful for that. I look forward to lots of new cake adventures with you!


Baking with love

Ingredients and diet

High quality fresh ingredients are very important to me. I use only real butter, fresh cream and high quality Belgian chocolate. I also try to follow the seasons as much as I can when I bake. That means that during the summer months I will use more fresh berries and summer fruits and in the autum and winter I will use more appels and plums. Luckily though, the cakes with lemon, carrots and chocolate are available all year!

I have a kosher kitchen. That means that I will only use kosher ingredients for the cakes.

All my products are 100% vegetarian.

In the shop you will also find glutenfree, lactosefree en dairyfree / parve products.

There is something for everyone at Taart voor jou!

Make your special day even better with Taart voor jou.
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