Tall cakes

Tall cakes offer a lot of options! You can choose from a number of different flavours and I use different materials and techniques in order to create a cake just like you want it.

How does it work?

  1. Firstly, scroll down to be inspired by the many different photos and examples!
  2. Choose the size you want
  3. Choose the flavour your prefer
  4. Indicate whether or not you need any of these additions to your cake: a text, a print and/or a (personalized) caketopper
  5. The price of the cake will now show up
  6. In the comment field, please indicate how you want the cake to be decorated, e.g. by indicating the number of one of the below photos, of perhaps you have your own ideas? The below photos are examples; all these cakes can be made in different colours to suit your needs
  7. Click through to pick up date and payment

Please note: personalized caketoppers, e.g. with a name, must be ordered at least one week in advance. There is an additional price for these. Once we have received your order, we will send you a tikkie for the extra payment. Want to know the price in advance? Send me a message!

Are you choosing an edible print? For example a company logo. You will have to send me this logo seperately, by e-mail or whatsapp.







Add-ons total: